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  • Forex Hub
  • Market Wrap
  • Economic Key Data
  • Video Chart Analysis
  • Sentiment Index

forex hub

The Vantage FX Forex Hub is the one port of call you need to understand what is happening in the global markets. It provides market insight as well as educational features to help with your trading.

  • Market Wrap - An insight into daily market events
  • Economic Key Data - Daily key data to help you plan your FX trading
  • Chart Analysis - Educational videos on how to interpret charts
  • Forex Sentiment Index - Understand how market sentiment is trending

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Receive our  Market Wrap as part of your daily dose of  all things FX  direct to your email inbox. Our FX round-up incorporates:

  • The Market Wrap
  • Links to  respected commentators on economic and political events     
  • Our Daily  FX Sentiment Index

All you need to know about the markets in one email

economic key latest

The forex market is driven by world political and economic events.
By accessing this part of the Forex Hub you will be able to see at a glance all the economic events that could influence your trading strategies from a monthly and daily perspective.

Watch video tutorials by veteran Technical Analyst Nicole Elliott on how to use chart analysis techniques as part of your trading. A sample of the areas covered are:

  • Chart basics
  • Technical analysis
  • Swing and news trading
  • Geo-political trading
  • How scalpers can use charts
  • And many more...

27 01 sentiment small

Markets are driven by sentiment. At Vantage FX we produce a daily sentiment index which keeps you informed of how the market is trending.

The Forex Sentiment Index shows the buy/sell ratio of the 6 currency pairs involving the 4 major currencies – GBP, USD, EUR & JPY. The Currency Strength is a score out of 100, based on the average strength of the currency against the 3 other major currencies.

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