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    As a Vantage FX client, you can fund your account via bank transfer, debit cards, credit cards, local payment options and Moneybookers. All funds are held in our client trust accounts. To fund, please click on the relevant payment method below. If you have any queries, please call us on +44 207 621 8925.

    We are here to help.

    MIN. DEPOSIT  £350  £350  £350  £350
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    Read more > new client procedures, fees and our terms and conditions.




    Once your Vantage FX Live Account has been opened, you will be able to access all the payment options above. Vantage FX may choose with some clients, however, for security reasons and in particular with regards to clients in high risk regions, to make bank transfer the only option available. This will be at the absolute discretion of Vantage FX.



    • Please note that Vantage FX do not charge any internal fees for deposits and withdrawals.
    • A charge of 1.75% will be made for any credit card deposit. A charge of 2.5% will be made for any Skrill (Moneybookers) deposit.



    • In order to protect all parties against fraud, Vantage FX will only pay funds back to the source of the original deposit. For example, if you funded your account by debit or credit card, we will pay funds back to that card. Please note that if Vantage FX become aware of any trading, funding or withdraw irregulatories, then further ID checks maybe required.
    • We are only able to accept your Debit Card payment if you have 3D Secure Technology activated on your card.
    • We do not accept any cash or cash equivalents such as money orders, travellers cheques or personal cheques.
    • We are unable to accept third-party payment.
    • We can only accept payments from a bank in the same name as your Vantage FX Live Account.
    • If funding via debit or credit card, we will only accept payment from one source at a time.
    • An individual who is part of a joint account may deposit funds into that account. However, the funds from the joint account, regardless of whom they were deposited by or which means were used to fund the account, must be returned to the joint account holders in both names and not individually.


    Withdrawal Form


    To withdraw funds from your Vantage FX Live Account; simply download and print the form below.


    Please note that Vantage FX do not charge any internal fees for deposits and withdrawals. Withdraws to overseas banking institutions will attract a bank transfer fee which is independent of Vantage FX: USD - $15, EUR - €7 and YEN - 1,500 YEN. Withdrawals to Skrill (Moneybookers) accounts will attract a fee of: USD - $15, EUR - $7




    Once completed, please send your withdrawal request to us at:




    What documents are required for withdrawal?
    Complete the application form and email this to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    Where can funds be sent to?
    Funds can only be returned to the source of the original funding i.e. bank account, credit /debit card etc.


    How long will it take to process my request?
    We process your request on the same working day that we receive the completed withdrawal form and have spoken to you on the phone to confirm. Please allow a few business days for UK withdrawals to appear in your bank account, up to 5 days for international payments and up to 7 days for credit cards.


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    At Vantage FX, our main aim is to keep our clients happy. As well as a great range of products, safety and security, and excellent customer service, we know it's important to treat our clients with a little something extra.


    This is why we offer our clients a range of trading promotions that are added to throughout the year:

    • Current Offers > Keep an eye out for our March Promotion, coming soon!*
    • Forex Rebates > Earn daily rebates with our rewarding Forex Rebates Program*
    • Free VPS > Receive a free VPS so you can keep your platform live 24 hours a day*
    • EA Store > Trade with Vantage FX and choose a free EA from our EA Store*


    For more information on any of our great promotions, just choose your promotion of choice from the list opposite to find out more!

    *All our promotions are offered according to terms and conditions. Read our page of terms and conditions here.



    If you have questions or would like more information, feel free to get in touch with us through one of the contact details on the right.


    Or alternatively, please leave your name and contact details through our online form. We will endeavour to respond to all queries within 24 hours.

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    Address 18 King William St, London, EC4N 7BP, UNITED KINGDOM
    Telephone  +44 207 621 8925
    Fax +44 207 000 1293
  • FAQs

    General Questions


    Q: Is Vantage FX regulated?

    A: Yes. Vantage FX is regulated by FCA in London. For further details please go to the Legal Documentation section.


    Q: Where is my money held?

    A: Funds are deposited into a client trust account at Barclays Bank in accordance with FCA regulations.


    Q: How do I deposit funds?

    A: There are several options for depositing funds, including: Bank transfer and various Card options.


    Q: How long will it take for funds to appear in my Live Account?

    A: Funds clear overnight so should appear in your Live Account the following working day but can take up to 3-4 days.


    Q: How do I withdraw funds?

    A: Simply refer to the Withdraw section under the Clients menu tab and download the appropriate form.


    Q: How do you calculate the value of a pip?

    A: If to 4 decimal places, then use the following formula: (0.0001 / Spot Price) * Lot Size


    Q: How do you calculate the margin per trade?

    A: Overall Lot Size / Leverage Amount

            For example: 2 lots at 400:1

            200,000 / 400 = 500 margin required


    Q: Why does the demo only last 30 days?

    A: The MetaTrader 4 demo is only a basic overview to show how the platform works. You can get on the free live platform by opening an account.


    Q: Can I trade micro & mini lots?

    A: Yes. You can trade as little as 0.01 lots (1,000 base currency)


    Q: How do I open a long position?

    A: In the MetaTrader 4 platform, go to ‘New Order’, then click on ‘Buy by Market’.


    Q: Are Scalping and Hedging allowed?

    A: Yes, both scalping and hedging are allowed.


    Q: What is your leverage?

    A: FX leverage through MetaTrader 4 is set to 100:1 as standard, but can be increased to 300:1 and even 500:1 upon request. If you would like to amend your leverage, please contact your account manager.


    Q: What currency is my account held in?

    A: You can open an account either EUR, GBP, USD, JPY or SGD.


    Q: What are the tax implications for overseas customers who trade through Vantage FX ?

    A: We are non-advisory, so we cannot comment on clients’ personal circumstances. You will need to check with your local tax office.


    Q: Will I earn any interest for any funds deposited into my Live Account?

    A: No.


    Q: Can I log in to my account simultaneously on separate computers?

    A: Yes, this is possible.


    Q: Can I log in to multiple accounts on the same computer?

    A: Yes, through a multi-terminal facility.


    MetaTrader 4 Troubleshoot Questions


    Q: Will the MetaTrader 4 trading platform work on Apple Mac?

    A: Our MetaTrader 4 platform will work on all Apple Macs, simply select the MT4 for Mac version of the software once you have submitted your application for a demo or live account.


    Q: What time zone are the charts in MetaTrader 4?

    A: MetaTrader 4 charts are set to be GMT +3.


    Q: My platform shows 'Trade Context is busy'.

    A: Close and reload the platform. The error should go away.


    Q: I can't place a stop loss or take profit order on my trade.

    A: On market execution you cannot place your pending orders before execution of the entry order. After placing the trade you can add your stop/limit orders through the Terminal.


    Q: My Expert Advisor is not taking any trades.

    A: Check the Experts tab in the Terminal. If the EA is trying to place trades without success it will show an error number. Download a PDF of all MT4 error codes.


    Q: My Demo will not login.

    A: Demo accounts expire after 30 days as standard. To get a new demo account, in the MT4 platform go to File>Open an account and you can generate a new login and password. You do not need to download the platform again.


    Q: My account shows as invalid.

    A: The message invalid account shows when the login or password information is incorrect. Please check your login, password and the server address.


    Q: I cannot find the swap rates.

    A: Go to the market watch area, right click and choose symbols. Click on the properties for a trading symbol and it will give you all details including the swap rates.


    Q: Why can't I see all the currency pairs?

    A: To view all currency pairs, right click on the market watch and then choose 'Show All'.


    Q: I want to change my chart time.

    A: The trading platform time cannot be changed. There are local time indicators availlable to download from the MetaQuotes community.


    Q: I'm using MT4 for Mac and want to install an Expert Advisor or Indicator.

    A: Click here for step by step instructions to install an EA or Indicator on your Mac.

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