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    What is Forex (Foreign Exchange) trading? How do you trade Forex?

    what is forex trading
    What is the basic premise of Forex trading? And what are the key terms and times I need to know?

    basic forex principles
    A glossary of all the terms you should know and understand to help you trade Forex.

    forex terms
    What’s the difference between a Bar Chart, a Candlestick Chart and a Line Chart?

    How does chart analysis work? Identifying trends through technical analysis.

    basic chart analysis
    How can I manage my trading risks? The importance of Risk Management in Forex.

    managing risk
    What role does psychology play in trading? Dealing with emotions and knowing yourself.

    psychology of trading


    • 1 lot equals 100,000 of the first named currency on the MetaTrader 4 platform
    • Pip values are calculated in the second named currency
    • Profit is calculated by (sell price – buy price) x contract size
    • Profit is converted to the account currency by the price quoted in the currency/exchange rate

    Forex Example 1 - GBP Account

    A client buys 1 lot of AUD / USD @ 0.9169
    The position is closed @ 0.9179 Profit / Loss is calculated as 0.9179 - 0.9169 x 100,000 = US$100
    The profit / loss is converted to the account currency by the following calculation: 100 / 1.6268 = £61.47

    Forex Example 2 - GBP Account
    A client sells 0.5 lots of EUR / GBP @ 0.8333
    The position is closed @ 0.8403. Profit / Loss is calculated as 0.8333 - 0.8403 x 50,000 = -GBP£350
    The profit / loss is in the correct currency - GBP


    Forex Example 3 - GBP Account
    A client buys 0.5 lots of AUD / JPY @ 77.35
    The position is closed @ 78.20 Profit / Loss is calculated as 78.20 – 77.35 x 50,000 = JPY¥42,500
    The profit / loss is converted to the account currency by the following calculation: 42,500 / 164.510 = £258.34


    As part of our Forex Hub, we teamed up with Technical Analysis TV Channel, ForexTrading.TV, to give our clients the very best in educational chart analysis videos.


    From Fibonacci Retracements to Ichimoku Clouds to simple Trendlines, our Forex Hub Chart Analysis section has a great range of videos giving insight into the invaluable tool that chart analysis is.



    Vantage FX aims to supply Forex traders with all the education and trading tools necessary to be a successful Forex Trader. Below you will find a collection of audio visual tutorials that explain how to use and navigate that MetaTrader 4 platform in a step-by-step fashion.


    Coming Soon!

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