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    Take your trading to the next level with our new set of advanced Forex Trading Tools

    Vantage FX is exicited to announce new upgrades to our MT4 trading platform, with a new suite of advanced trading tools now integrated into the platform with one simple download. To access this new range of tools simply open a live trading account with us today. Or sign up for a demo account and try them out first!


    Check out what's included in our new FX trading tool suite:


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    Enhance your trading experience with Autochartist, now available free to all Vantage FX live account holders.

    Whether you're new to trading, or simply don't have the time or inclination to analyse your charts, Autochartist is the perfect tool for you. Revolutionise your trading by making technical analysis an integral part of your trading strategy, all with a simple double-click.






    Receive audio and visual alerts when emerging and completed patterns, such as Triangles, Wedges, Tops and Bottoms are identified. Benefit from the automatic Forecast Zone plotted on completed Chart Patterns, which indicates and expected price level.


    Horizontal support or resistance is often encountered at significant price levels. With Key Levels, Autochartist automatically identifies these price levels as either "Breakout" or "Approach".


    Receive alerts of emerging and completed Fibonacci patterns, identified from straight-forward extensions, retracements & ABCD patterns, to more sophisticated Gartley and Butterfly formations. Also receive a visual illustration of support and resistance levels according to the theory of the Golden Ratio.



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    autochartist performance statistics


    See for yourself the quality of analysis offered by Autochartist in their Performance Statistics tab online, where you can see details of the last 6 months performance. Review a range of performance stats, from how many Double Bottom Patterns were identified correctly to what hour of day yields the highest percentage of correct identifications.




    Get to understand the personality of your favoured markets and instruments with the Autochartist Volatility Analysis. Find out what time of day certain markets are most volatile; learn how to set exit levels appropriate to your trading; and discover which instruments fall within acceptable risk

    autochartist volatility analysis


    autochartist messaging and alerts


    Subscribe to the Autochartist Market Snapshot e-mail for a three-time-daily outlook of the markets for the next 24-48 hours. Covering Forex, Commodities and the Tokyo, London and New York Stock Exchanges.

    The expert traders at Autochartist scan trading opportunities throughout the day and post their analysis in the Trading Community. You can also opt to have these Analysts Research Articles sent directly to your inbox every day.





    In the online Trading Community you will find Research Articles, educational videos and the Autochartist User Manual to help you familiarise with the product and learn how to personalise Autochartist to suit your needs.



    Get Your Free VPS Today with Vantage FX


    When you're trading Foreign Exchange (Forex), it's important to ensure you're trading system is active and available 24/7. When trading with Applications like MetaTrader which are able to run with specific indicators, EAs and other features, the ability to have the platform running continually is key.


    A Virtual Private Sever, or VPS for short is a remotely operated independent system which hosts your MetaTrader platform. You have full control over it and is just like a physical Dedicated Server, but a fraction of the cost.

    It is perfect for serious Forex traders who want their platform running 24 hours, especially if you require an Expert Advisors to run non-stop.


    At Vantage FX, you will receive a free Vantage FX Foundation VPS for all the time you have an account with us and as long as you trade 10 lots a month.

    To get started open a Vantage FX Live Account now or click here for terms and conditions.


    eastoreFree Expert Advisors


    An Expert advisor (EA) is a tool that automates a trader's trading strategy. Traders will input a set of commands, as well as criteria, and the EA will operate and trade based on these details. Once implemented it requires no human intervention, neither from the trader or broker, and is becoming increasingly popular with traders of all levels.


    Vantage FX have teamed up with the ever-popular Drive range of EA's which have become well subscribed by current Vantage FX clients.


    The EA's are available free of charge to clients with a Live Vantage FX account. Please contact your account manager for more information or view our terms and conditions here.




    vfx 240x210 ea drive-gold

    Drive Gold (www.drivegold.com)

    Normally valued at: $245

    About the EA:

    Drive Gold Expert Advisor is an automated trading system, trading in Gold (XAUUSD).

    This is a trend-based system, with the ability to take long and short positions, focusing only on Gold (XAU/USD) positions. Suggested capital to run 0.01 lot is USD2,500 or GBP1,500.


    You can see the performance of the EA here: Myfxbook performance



    YEN DRIVE (www.driveexpertadvisors.com)

    Normally valued at: $145

    About the EA:

    Yen Drive Expert Advisor is an automated trading system, trading in yen crosses including; EURJPY, USDJPY, AUDJPY, CADJPY, CHFJPY, and GBPJPY.

    This is a trend-based system and follows the trend across a range of yen-based currencies. The EA has the ability to pick both long and short positions.


    You can see the performance of the EA here: Myfxbook performance

    vfx 240x210 ea usd-drive


    vfx 240x210 ea yen-drive

    USD DRIVE (www.driveexpertadvisors.com)

    Normally valued at: $145

    About the EA:

    USD Drive Expert Advisor is an automated trading system which mainly trades EURUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF, and GBPUSD.

    This is a trend-based system, based on a selection of USD-based currencies. The EA has the ability to pick both long and short positions.

    Suggested capital to run 0.01 lot is USD2,000 or GBP1,300.


    You can see the performance of the EA here: Myfxbook performance



    The terms and conditions of this promotion should be read in full by clicking here.

    We recommend you exercise your own skill and care with respect to the use of the Expert Advisor Store and that you carefully evaluate the accuracy, currency, completeness and relevance of the material contained in the Expert Advisor Store for your purposes. Vantage FX does not directly endorse any Expert Advisors, nor do we assume any responsibility for the use of any Expert Advisors contained in the Expert Advisor Store.

    The materials and descriptions of Expert Advisors listed below are those of third parties, and do not reflect the views of Vantage FX. This Expert Advisor Store provides general information only and should in no way be considered as advice. The links to other sites provided below are for users' convenience only, and no assurances are given as to the quality, accuracy, or relevance of material on the said sites.


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    From daily market analysis in our Market Wrap, to exclusive insight into the day's trading activity in our Forex Sentiment Index, you'll always be one step ahead of the game with our Forex Hub.


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